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Aurora St. Anthony Neighborhood Development Corporation

Aurora St. Anthony Neighborhood Development Corporation (ASANDC) started in 1980, and began as a community watch, and crime prevention group.
ASANDC became a Non-Profit 503 (c)(3) in 1982 and began hosting a variety of social, economic, housing, and commercial development programs for Aurora St. Anthony, Frogtown and Summit-University residents of all ages.

The Foundation

When you are one of Minnesota’s first St. Paul, Minn. community non-profit organizations, your website is your biggest digital asset. Vizionality helped Aurora St. Anthony rebrand its entire website, giving it a new look, one that has proved to connect better with its donors.

Non-Profit Donations

Vizionality was able to create donation pages using powerful WordPress fundraising plugins. The customizable and integrated donation pop-up provides the non-profit with an intuitive way to accept donations online through your own WordPress site. Payments can be accepted through credit card, PayPal and Stripe payment.

Piecing it all together